GSA Auctions Electrical and Electronic Equipment Update


03/03/2023 07:05 PM EST

CURRENT BID: $50    STATE: MN    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 03-10-2023 06:05 PM CT.

  Video Teleconferencing System (1 EA) Mfr: Cisco. Includes: VTC monitor unit, Camera, Headset and handset. Mac 00506005b016 Serial Number: A1AR37D00241 Part Number:800-35446-05-A, PID: CTS-EX90-K9. Property is located downtown Minneapolis. There s limited parking outside street with meters or a garage entrance located on 3rd street side of building. Condition of property is not warranted. Deficiencies, when known, have been indicated in the description. However, absence of any indicated deficiencies does not mean that none exists. Therefore, the bidder should ascertain the condition of the item through physical inspection. Contact the listed custodian at the property location for appointment to inspect or remove property. Parts may be missing and repairs may be required. Recipient responsible for arranging for loading and transportation of all items. Please contact the listed property custodian for any additional information required for this equipment. Government personnel are not available to help load or move the property. 12639530202001

03/03/2023 06:00 PM EST

CURRENT BID: $10    STATE: AL    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 03-10-2023 05:00 PM CT.

  One lot to consist of: Reprographic office printing equipment to include: Bunn string binder; Light table; Wire stitcher; Electric hole puncher drill with varies size bits; Champion paper cutter with replaceable blades; 2 steel push carts; Electric Jogger. The purchaser will make all arrangements and perform all necessary to effect removal of the property to include packing, loading, and transportation of the property. Repairs may be required. 28410830320001