GSA Auctions Electrical and Electronic Equipment Update


11/05/2022 08:03 PM EDT

CURRENT BID: $25    STATE: TN    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 11-12-2022 06:03 PM CT.

One lot to consist of Torque Wrench CDI 1503 torque wrench. Needs calibrating. Will torque up to 197 LBS. One Giovenzana TLPB3 Control Switch (New in Box). One Tracon Heat Tracer GPT230 (New and Never used). This item has been reviewed for export control and has been determined that it is controlled under US Department of Commerce under Export Control Classification Number ECCN EAR99. This equipment DOES NOT qualify under DOE rules as High Risk Property. The use, disposition, export and re-export of this property is subjecttoall applicable U.S. laws and regulations, including the Atomic Energy Act of1954, as amended; the Arms Export Control Act (22 USC 2751 et seq.); the ExportAdministration Act of 1979 (560 USC Append 2401 et seq.); DOE Regulations (10 CFR Part 810); International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22 CFR 120 et seq.); Export Administration Regulations (15 CFR 730 et seq.); Foreign Assets Control Regulations (31 CFR 500 et seq.); and the Espionage Act (37USC 791 et seq.) which,among other things, prohibit: a) The making of false statements and concealment of any material information regarding the use or disposition of export or re-export of the property; and b) Any use or disposition, export or re-export of the property which is not authorized in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. Deficiencies when known, have been indicated in the item description. The absence of any known deficiencies does not mean that none exists. Potential Bidders are urged to inspect this property prior to placing a bid. Requests for extensions on removal can only be granted by the Contracting Officer of the sale ( in writing. The custodian does not have the authority to grant such requests. Repairs may be required. MULTI ITEMS