GSA Auctions Electrical and Electronic Equipment Update


09/02/2022 08:14 PM EDT

CURRENT BID: $25    STATE: MS    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 09-09-2022 06:14 PM CT.

  One each Honda EM5000 Portable Generator. This item is posted as salvage, operational condition unknown. Buyer is responsible for all aspects of removal including manpower, lift and transport. Please contact Ralph Durman for further information. Deficiencies when known, have been indicated in the item description. The absence of any listed deficiencies does not mean that none exists. Potential Bidders are urged to inspect this property prior to placing a bid. Repairs are required. Requests for extensions on removal can only be granted by the Contracting Officer of the sale ( in writing. The custodian does not have the authority to grant such requests. W807PM223810005