GSA Auctions Electrical and Electronic Equipment Update


07/27/2022 01:03 PM EDT

CURRENT BID: $10    STATE: MO    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 08-03-2022 11:03 AM CT.

One lot of Electrical And Elect. 17 Pads Attenuation; 1 Test Set, Thruline; 3 Line Section, Radio Freq. Trans Impedanc, MOD 88532, 50 OHMS; 20 Line Section RF, MOD 88500-3, 50 OHMS; 1pallet weighs 150 lbs. In usable condition. Buyer is responsible for all aspects of loading & removal, to include all required manpower and equipment. (6964FR21017001) 6964FR21017001