GSA Auctions Electrical and Electronic Equipment Update


01/07/2022 11:36 AM EST

CURRENT BID: $10,000    STATE: CA    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 01-14-2022 10:36 AM CT.

  EMD 1500KW POWER PLANT (CONTROL ROOM SKID AND ENGINE SKID. The power plant consists of two skid mounted units: the Engine Generator Skid and the Switchgear Skid. The Power Plant includes all interconnecting cables required for operation. Skid design permits the stowing of all interconnect components to the skids during transportation and storage. The Power Plant is designed to be transported by rail, water or by highway (with special permit). Operational parameters include: elevations ranging from sea level to 5,000 feet above sea level and ambient temperatures ranging from -25 F to 110 F. The Power Plant is started from a standby mode in which the engine is warmed and pre-lubed. The Power Plant requires 480 VAC Shore Power for initial start-up and operation. A 125 VDC battery system provides emergency system control power and oil circulation should a loss of power occur. The electrical generation system can operate either individually (isolated load) or in parallel with other power plants, or in parallel with commercial 60 Hz utility power sources (infinite bus). The Power Plant can provide continuous duty at a net rated output of 1,500 kW at 0.8 power factor (lagging). The power generating unit is a six wire, wye configured generator supplying either 3-phase, three wire ungrounded service or 3-phase, four wire grounded service at a nominal voltage of 4,160 2,400 VAC at 60 Hertz. The rated overload is 110% of rated output or 1,650 kW for two hours in any 24 hour period. Engine Generator skid data: Skid & Enclosure Length (Rain Hoods Closed) 540 in. (Rain Hoods Open) 573 in. Width 125 in. Height (w o Silencer) 138 in. (w Silencer) 216 in. Weight (Dry) 118,100 lbs. Exhaust Silencer & Mounts Length 226 in. Width 115 in. Height (Bot. Mounts Top Rain Cap) 78 in. Weight 3,000 lbs. Electro-Motive Diesel Engine Model S16-645E4 (Turbocharged) Number of Cylinders 16 Horsepower (Continuous rating) 2,400 BHP (Peaking rating) 2,650 BHP Type 2 Cycle, 45 degree V Cylinder Bore and Stroke 9-1 16 x 10 Displacement per Cylinder 645 cubic inches Operating Principle 2 Cycle, Turbocharged, Fuel Injected Rated Speed 900 RPM, Counterclockwise Idle Speed 400 RPM Starting Dual, Air Operated Starters Fuel Consumption (Full Power) 112-116 US Gallons Hour Day Tank Fuel Capacity 400 US Gallons Lube Oil Consumption (Est.) 0.5 US Gals Hour Lube Oil Capacity 276 US Gallons Coolant (Designed) 100% Water to 50% 50% Water Ethylene- Glycol mixture Coolant Capacity. All sales are final and no warranty is implied or applied. PHYSICAL INSPECTION IS STRONGLY/HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PRIOR TO PLACING A BID. Advance appointment is mandatory to inspect & remove, no exceptions. . THIS LOT REQUIRES PROFESSIONALS WHO SPECIALIZE IN THE BUSINESS OF DISMANTLING THIS PROPERTY IN A SAFELY MANNER AND WITHOUT RISKING DAMAGE/INJURY. SUCCESSFUL BIDDER WILL SUPPLY ALL NECESSARY EQUIPMENT TO REMOVE THE PROPERTY. PROPERTY CUSTODIAN WILL NOT ASSIST LOADING OR REMOVAL OF PROPERTY, PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY. N3943012080001