GSA Auctions Electrical and Electronic Equipment Update


10/13/2021 05:30 PM EDT

CURRENT BID: $25    STATE: TX    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 10-20-2021 03:30 PM CT.

  AAS36 INFRARED RECEIVER CONVERTERS Manufacturer Serial Number: Various, Manufacturer Description: Various, Manufacturer Model ID: Various, Body Style: 2018. Warning to purchasers/recipients The items you have purchased or received in an exchange or sale may not be in compliance with applicable FAA requirements. You are solely responsible for bringing the items into compliance with 14 CFR part 21 or other applicable standards, by obtaining all necessary FAA inspections or modifications. The purchaser/recipient agrees that the Government shall not be liable for personal injuries to, disabilities of, or death of the purchaser/recipient, the purchaser s/recipient s employees, or to any other persons arising from or incident to the purchase of these items, their use, or disposition. The purchaser/recipient shall hold the Government harmless from any or all debts, liabilities, judgments, costs, demands, suits, actions, or claims of any nature arising from or incident to purchase, use, or resale of these items. (70525312587976) 33 EA, Usable. 70525312587976