GSA Auctions Electrical and Electronic Equipment Update


06/05/2019 01:43 PM EDT

CURRENT BID: $10    STATE: OK    NO. OF BIDDERS: 0     CLOSE TIME: 06-12-2019 11:43 AM CT.

One lot consisting of 2 ea: 5kw Skid Mounted Generators. Manufactured by Fermont in 2009, MDL: MEP802A with 1806 hrs, NSN-6115004651044. Manufactured by Hollingsworth in 1982, MDL: MEP002A, 1390 hrs. Dimensions 51x32x37 weighing 800 lbs. each. See pictures for any other existing information. Operating condition of any or all pieces is unknown, parts may be missing or broken and repairs may be required. Winning bidder must be prepared to load, as there may be no assistance from this agency. Winning bidder must also contact property custodian to make appointment for property pick up, as other documents beyond GSA purchasers receipt are required. (47737891490015) 47737891490015